Can I give out Gideon Bibles to my friends and family?

The Gideons can't provide you with Bibles to give to your friends and family, or for your church mission project.  However, if you become a financial Friend of Gideons, you will get 6 New Testaments for free and will have the opportunity to purchase a further 100 Testaments per year at a cost of only $2 each.

Why don't we provide Bibles and New Testaments to individuals, our church partners, or other organisations for their distribution, other than through the Friends of Gideons program? Our mission is to reach the lost.  Our unique method is to have only our members distribute Bibles or New Testaments through designated traffic lanes of life, thus efficiently reaching a large number of people. We do not overlap, duplicate, or conflict with the mission of churches and other ministries. Instead, we act as an extended missionary arm of the church.