Sydney for Eternity

More than 60 of our members participated in the National Scripture Blitz 3–8 March 2019, as part as the SydneyForEternity campaign.
During the Blitz week a vast scope of potential work was covered. This includes distributing the Word to:• Universities and TAFEs
• Business colleges
• Medical and allied sites
• Places of accommodation
• Aged Care sites
• Emergency services
• Personal witnessing teams also went out during each afternoon and eveningPlease pray that the seeds sown through this campaign will grow and come to fruition for the glory of God.

Short Testimony

Hi Gideons. Last week I was looking for a Bible to read. I’ve been an atheist for much of my life but after watching some lectures on the Bible and the stories of God I thought it only right to at least give the book a read and a fair chance. I felt like I needed to educate myself rather than blindly proclaiming that God doesn’t exist. Anyway, I was looking for Bibles and all that I saw I couldn’t afford. I decided that I’d come back to it later when I could and left it at that. Fast forward a week to today and one of your members hands me a free Bible in the city. My mind is absolutely blown. I have no way of explaining that other than some form of intervention from God. That is simply TOO much of a coincidence for it to be a coincidence, right? I wanted a Bible, I couldn’t afford a Bible, the next week I’m handed a free Bible by one of your members. If ever there was a sign from above, that was it. I want to thank you for my free Bible. I greatly appreciate it.


‘Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations.’ – Matthew 28:19