Bibles for the Community

Bibles for Hotels

For over 110 years, Gideons have been placing full Bibles in hotels, motels and other accommodation facilities, including prisons. A Gideon-placed Bible in a hotel bedside drawer is almost an icon! These Bibles:

  • Are printed in contemporary English with modern font and cover designs.
  • Include valuable guidance on how to read the Bible and get help to deal with life’s challenges.
  • Provide comfort and hope to people experiencing stress and anguish.
  • Provide a unique cultural service for international tourists who don’t have easy access to Bibles.
  • Are offered to accommodation providers for each room totally free of charge.
  • Are placed by their tens of thousands each year in almost 200 countries around the world, including many where Christianity is not the dominant or only religion.
  • Are regularly replaced free of charge if tired, old or damaged to maintain high standards of presentation.

If you are interested in having Gideon Bibles placed or replaced in your facility, please complete the details below and a local Gideon will get in touch with you.

Hotel Bible 1

Bibles for Hospitals, Aged Care, Medical & Allied Health Facilities

Large print New Testaments are offered to all hospitals and aged care facilities to provide hope and encouragement to patients/residents, many of whom are facing significant health challenges. These Testaments are individually shrink-wrapped with a small note inside the wrapper indicating that the patient can open the package if they wish to read the Testament and then keep it as their personal copy when heading home. If not opened, the Testament can be quickly wiped down and sanitised between patients as with any other hard surface. While we offer these Testaments to be placed beside every bed, we can also work through chaplains to ensure they have a supply of Testaments on hand to give to patients on request if infection control protocols or security issues are a concern.

Full Bibles are also placed in waiting rooms and other communal areas in medical and allied health facilities where they are accessible to patients, clients, and other visitors.

We also offer individual pocket Testaments to all staff in these facilities.

If you are interested in having Gideon Bibles and Testaments placed or replaced in your facility, please complete the details below and a local Gideon will get in touch with you.

Bibles for Education, Military, Emergency Services & Prisons

Gideons also distribute pocket Testaments to individuals in a wide but specific range of community service facilities. These include secondary schools, universities and other tertiary colleges, prisons, military bases and emergency service installations like fire, police, ambulance and volunteer emergency service stations. These distributions are made by Gideon members but, where security issues would prevent this occurring, we can work through chaplains if necessary.

If you are interested in having Gideon Testaments distributed in your facility, please complete the details below and a local Gideon will get in touch with you.

Gideons Bible App

Our hardcopy Bibles and Testaments are only available in English. For many guests/residents, English is a second language. In such cases, the Gideons Bible App is a great tool. It is a free digital Bible App which includes the Bible, or portions thereof, in over 1500 languages. Many of these also include audio as well as text. 

It also includes the normal Bible Helps as included in all Gideon Bibles & New Testaments. The Gideons Bible App can be downloaded from or by clicking here. This website reference and a QR code link to the Bible App are also included in all our hardcopy Bibles and Testaments.